Is your body trying to catch your attention with aches and pains?

Discover the power of your brain with Awareness Through Movement™ classes

neuroplasticity in action

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We need to intentionally breathe, to lengthen, to open our eyes, hearts and souls to that which is really around us, for there is light and caring and support around and within.

Five weekly classes live Tuesdays on Zoom. Previous lessons are already available online, with additional resources.


Habits direct our attention to the pains, stiffness, or what is not working.

Learn ways to sense what is working.

Change - it's within you

Learn organically what works for you as you learn to find new pathways and patterns of ease and comfort.


Increase your capabilities in each course.

Learn how to direct your attention to sense what is working — and discover your innate ability to change.


Improve any aspect of your daily life.

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Your teacher, Rob Black, has been teaching people how to improve and enjoy their lives using the Feldenkrais Method™ for over 30 years.

These courses have been developed with your needs in mind — how you can improve and benefit.

Each course has multiple lessons which you can repeat daily.

Organic Learning Processes

The learning becomes imbedded -- you don't have to be always telling yourself what to do!

Learn at Your Own Pace

Enjoy each lesson when you want, as often as you need to!

Professional Delivery

Each course is carefully crafted to present a sequence of lessons that help you develop and change naturally.